Autism And Hyperbaric Fresh air Therapy

Doctors and doctors determine HBOT therapy as breathing of genuine and 100% oxygen at environmental stress levels higher than one. However, this meaning has gone through variations over the years. According to the current meaning of HBOT therapy, the breathing of any amount of oxygen higher than 21% (since that is the amount of oxygen included in normal air) can be regarded to be HBOT therapy. Research and medical tests expose that oxygen under underhand minimizes inflammations, as well as enhance the oxygen content in organelles and tissues by dissolving it in extra-cellular liquids like lcd, cerebrospinal liquid, interstitial liquid and lymph. Improved oxygenation allows to induce many biochemical responses within the whole body.

Some of the consequences of HBOT include:

Greater manufacturing of anti-oxidant minerals.
Angiogenesis, or the growth of additional veins in tissues and body parts.
Increased oxygenation of the mitochondria.
Greater manufacturing of ROS(reactive oxygen species)
Reduction of wide spread and digestive malware.
Increase in the development of control tissues.

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