Autism And Hyperbaric Fresh air Therapy

Doctors and doctors determine HBOT therapy as breathing of genuine and 100% oxygen at environmental stress levels higher than one. However, this meaning has gone through variations over the years. According to the current meaning of HBOT therapy, the breathing of any amount of oxygen higher than 21% (since that is the amount of oxygen included in normal air) can be regarded to be HBOT therapy. Research and medical tests expose that oxygen under underhand minimizes inflammations, as well as enhance the oxygen content in organelles and tissues by dissolving it in extra-cellular liquids like lcd, cerebrospinal liquid, interstitial liquid and lymph. Improved oxygenation allows to induce many biochemical responses within the whole body.

Some of the consequences of HBOT include:

Greater manufacturing of anti-oxidant minerals.
Angiogenesis, or the growth of additional veins in tissues and body parts.
Increased oxygenation of the mitochondria.
Greater manufacturing of ROS(reactive oxygen species)
Reduction of wide spread and digestive malware.
Increase in the development of control tissues.

HBOT therapy has been proven to have good results on kids affected by autism. Simply described, autism is a nerve and developing problem that affects the kid's ability to connect and show himself/herself, control bowels, agree to unexpected situational changes etc. SPECT tests of autistic kids have exposed that the primary cause for this situation is the limited provide of oxygen to the mind, as a result of which normal development is affected. By going through continual HBOT therapy classes, it is possible to see a noticeable enhancement of oxygen provide to the mind tissues in tests taken after the beginning of the therapy.

Doctors and parents of kids affected by autism have noticed the following developments after going through regular HBOT sessions:

Improved sleeping habits.
Improved attention and focus.
The kid becomes tranquil. He/she also produces passion for his/her close relatives.
Better intestinal function.
Sensory disruptions due to unexpected quick flashes of shiny lighting, or sounds decrease extremely.
The kid is more "present".
Improved knowledge.
Autistic kids can use language better: both cognitively and expressively.
The autistic kid produces a deep connection with his family members and gets psychologically connected and connected to them.

Earlier, kids with Autism Variety Disorder were recommended to go through therapy in hard-shelled monoplace or multiplace compartments using 100% oxygen under 1.5 ATA stress. The therapy methods included:

A minimum of 40 classes expanded out over a period of two months at the most.
Each period had the length of an hour, beat by 10-15 moments for increasing the stress inside the stage, and started by a 10-minutes stage to relax it.
It is necessary to nourish hard-shelled compartments with 100% genuine oxygen. Multiplace compartments generally require sufferers recommended to breathe in 100% oxygen to wear additional components like oxygen covers to follow the prescribed carefully.

After the completing 40 classes, there is a gap of 3 to 4 weeks before the therapy is started again. The regularity and exact number of classes are to be decided by the doctor.

Two theoretical side-effects experienced by ASD sufferers after going through HBOT therapy are attention deficit disorder and increased stimming. However medical history attests to the fact that autistic kids become tranquil and display reduced sign of stimming after subsequent classes.

Patients should be examined for ear and nasal attacks before the therapy classes begin, as you should delay the therapy routine if such conditions are recognized.

Recent technical and medical developments have made it possible for trained professionals to manage this therapy in soft-shelled compartments where the maximum level of stress cannot surpass 1.3ATA. The benefit of these compartments is that family members can use them to manage and observe therapy in their homes if it becomes difficult to locate and book a bed for HBOT therapy in a hard-shelled stage totally found in treatment centers and medical centers.

Although it is best to leave it to the doctor to determine the qualifications of an autistic kid for HBOT therapy, here are certain factors that can be kept in mind during the crucial decision-making process. Those who can be regarded include:

Children who display little or no respond to intense biomedical treatments like MeB12.
Those with serious digestive issues like fungus and attacks.
Those who have examined beneficial for mitochondrial malfunction and/or oxidative stress.

Although there is no secret to cure autism, the individual issues causing this situation can be handled to enhance the behavior and language ability of the kid. HBOT therapy can be regarded to be a supporting, non-invasive method that enhances the oxygen flow in the whole body and allows in the restoration and restoration of broken tissues and tissues.

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